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21st Century Auctions, 1748 Alviso St, Simi Valley, CA, 93065, Phone: (805) 577-9206, Fax: (805) 577-1018,,
3 Kings Auction , 606 South Hill St. Suite 909, Los Angeles , CA, 90014, Phone: 213-256-9787, Fax: 213-689-9955,,
A Auctioneer Broker Co., 235 E Manchester, Inglewood, CA, 90301, Phone: (310) 680-6840, Fax: (310) 680-9977,,
A Ward Auction, 100 Ogier Ave, Morgan Hill, CA, 95033, Phone: (408) 778-7621,
A-1 LIquidators Inc., 9530 Cabot Dr, San Diego, CA, 92126-4333, Phone: (858) 689-2324, Fax: (858) 689-2334
A-AUCTIONEER BROKER CO, 2401 W 102 ND STREET, INGLEWOOD, CA, 90303, Phone: 310-680-6840, Fax: 310-680-9977, http://LACITYPROPERTIES.COM, LACITYPROP@MSN.COM
A. N. Abell Auction Company, 2613 Yates Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90040, Phone: 323-724-8102, Fax: 323-724-9550,,

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A. N. Abell Auction Company is a full service auction house that provides its prestigious following collectors, designers, and dealers with the highest quality and most comprehensive network of services.
A.R. Pagan and Co., PO Box 225309, San Francisco, CA, 94122-5309, Phone: (415) 566-6464, Fax: (415) 753-6464,,

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Auctions of all types.
A1 Auction Service, PO Box 6359, San Jose, CA, 95150-6359, Phone: (408) 292-6800, Fax: (408) 377-5031,,

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A1 Auction Service San Jose California Weekly Lien Sale and Donated Car Auctions Fund-Raising Auctions Fund Raising Consultants Mike Vendetti Auctioneer
AA Auction Gallery, 115 B Harvey West Blvd., Santa Cruz, CA, 95060, Phone: 831-476-1713, Fax: 831-476-1835,,

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We service the Santa Cruz and Monterey Public Guardians and Public Administrators and over five different Police and Sheriff's Departments. We also accept consignments from private individuals, local attorneys, moving companies & storage units.
AAA Public Auction, 5730 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92115, Phone: (619) 265-0441, Fax: (619) 265-0442,
Abamex Auction Co., 10050 Via de la Amistad #2452, San Diego, CA, 92154, Phone: (800) 841-3364, Fax: (858) 576-9577,,

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Abamex Auction Co., a California Corporation, provides AUCTION SERVICES in Personal and Real Property including Business Opportunities, as well as APPRAISAL SERVICES for Business Assets.
Absolute Auction, PO Box 7566, San Jose, CA, 95150, Phone: 408-422-2300,,

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An absolute auction is one in which each item is sold to the highest bidder without any reserve or minimum price. While the Absolute Auction Co. will do auctions that are not "absolute auctions", they remain our favorite kind of auction.
Action Auctions, 333 S Reeves Dr, Apt 4A, Beverly Hills, CA, 90212-4558, Phone: (310)475-7188, Fax: (310) 475-7388,,

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I represented some of the largest personal property auction and appraisal organizations in the United States, successfully providing auction/liquidation services for companies ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 500 throughout North America.
Alexander and Associates LLC, 20969 Ventura Blvd., Suite 207, Woodland Hills, CA, 91364, Phone: (818) 340-3134, Fax: (818) 340-9883,

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Alexander and Associates LLC is a leading, national auction company providing capital recovery solutions to leaders in technology, finance, and industry.
All States Auction, P.O. Box 1928, Studio City, CA, 91614, Phone: (818) 769-7653
American Auction Co., PO Box 143, Seal Beach, CA, 90740-0143, Phone: (562) 430-8610, Fax: (562) 430-8610,,

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We specialize in Antique and Fine Art Auctions with a good assortment of antique furnishings, oil paintings, porcelain, decorative arts, sterling, clocks, crystal, and jewelry at any given auction!
American Auctioneeres, Box 1359, Riverside, CA, 92502, Phone: (800)-838-7653, Fax: (909)-790-0438,,

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American Auctioneeres:We have knowledge of legal sales, antiques, collectibles, tools, industrial equipment, rolling stock, food service equipment....
American Standard Auctioneers-Liquidators-Appraise, 22647 Ventura Blvd Ste 235, Woodland Hills, CA, 91364, Phone: (888) 928-2846, Fax: (818) 712-9024,,
Anstead Auctioneers and Associates, 532 N 28th, San Diego, CA, 92102, Phone: (619) 233-3148, Fax: (619) 233-1757,

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Every week we sell furniture, antiques, collectibles, art work, appliances, tools, computers, stereo systems, late model televisions, rugs, lamps, artwork, all manner of miscellaneous, lawn and patio furniture, and much more.
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